club @Extravaganza has been at several past Woodworking Extravaganza shows. Here was last year's events by them: Throughout the years, club has offered various demos throughout both days of the Woodworking Extravaganza and they have given the youth an opportunity to experience woodworking such as Many Light Sabers for kids and a wooden smile medallion.

Some of the events were held on Friday and others on Saturday. We will list this year's events once they become available.

Images of club

at Klingspor's Woodworking Extravaganza Hickory Metro Convention Center @Extravaganza @Extravaganza @Extravaganza @Extravaganza @Extravaganza @Extravaganza @Extravaganza @Extravaganza @Extravaganza @Extravaganza @Extravaganza @Extravaganza @Extravaganza @Extravaganza @Extravaganza @Extravaganza @Extravaganza @Extravaganza @Extravaganza @Extravaganza @Extravaganza @Extravaganza @Extravaganza @Extravaganza @Extravaganza @Extravaganza @Extravaganza @Extravaganza @Extravaganza @Extravaganza @Extravaganza @Extravaganza @Extravaganza @Extravaganza @Extravaganza @Extravaganza